NEW TVM Series Floor Fan – now also available in copper!


The new copper-look floor fans with classic retro design are so cool that even just looking at them has a cooling effect. These elegant wind machines make a guaranteed attractive addition to living rooms, offices and restaurants, and also cut a fine figure on photoshoots or film sets. Whether for ventilation, wind generation, wind cooling or drying – the TVM Series floor fans are suited to a variety of uses.

The retro TVM Series wind machines, constructed entirely of metal and largely copper-coated, make an eye-catchingly glossy and refreshing impression at home and in the office. Thanks to their robust production, they are designed to be particularly long-lasting, making them perfect as a long-term cooling solution in a restaurant, or as a super elegant highlight for photoshoots and film and television sets.

The advantages at a glance – TVM Floor Fans in Copper Look

  • are made entirely of metal, from their copper-coated blades to their copper-look support leg – even the motor is fitted with a copper coil. This not only looks elegant, but also extends the service life of the devices.
  • are all equipped with three adjustable speed levels – from a quiet breeze to a strong wind.
  • are each equipped with a fully swivelling fan head, so that it can be flexibly inclined in any desired direction, and the wind flow can thus be adjusted to individual needs.
  • have a copper-look metal basket securely surrounding the rotating fan blades to protect them.
  • offer additional application possibilities in commercial spaces thanks to the versatile wall and ceiling bracket, available as an optional accessory for the TVM series.
  • can easily handle a few knocks, with three anti-slip rubber feet attached to the underside of the copper support leg ensuring stability.
  • require only a small amount of floor space and are optimally equipped for changing location –  a carrier handle attached to the back and a cable winder make transporting the ventilators as easy as can be.

TVM Series Floor Fans – uniquely iconic and affordable!

Order your TVM floor fan of choice today for our current offer price:

TVM 11 Floor fan reduced from £46.55 to just £25.12

  • 55 watt performance
  • Adjustable fan head angle up to 100°
  • Fan blade diameter 30 cm

TVM 13 Floor fan reduced from £51.21 to just £27.92

  • 70 watt performance
  • Adjustable fan head angle up to 100°
  • Fan blade diameter 35 cm

TVM 17 Floor fan reduced from £65.19 to just £32.57

  • 120 watt performance
  • Adjustable fan head angle up to 110°
  • Fan blade diameter 45 cm

All prices incl. VAT– now in the Trotec shop!


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