Damaris Lewis on Staying Grounded and the Daily Skincare Ritual She Can’t Quit


You’re an actress, dancer, model, philanthropist, and entrepreneur—the ultimate multi-hyphenate! What’s your secret to staying healthy and grounded? Is there anything special you do to relax at the end of a long day?

I do love being a busy bee. My secret to staying healthy and grounded is simply doing things that keep me so. I take baths about 5 times a week in winter to ensure my muscles and mind get the opportunity to relax. Once I learned about the history and power of the Japanese Onsen (hot springs), there was no turning back from the ritual of water for me. The best part is- no matter where I am, the ritual of water can come with me. If not a bath, then a candle lit shower.

Tell us about your am/pm skincare routine. What products do you use?

My am/pm skincare routine is highly dependent on the season. For the winter I have been washing my face with aloe vera gel straight from the plant. I follow with a nice serum, currently using the Noni Glow Face Oil from KORA Organics, and I finish with a balm that I either make myself or the Gotu Kola Balm from Naturopathica.

What’s your go-to skincare ritual? And how often do you practise it?

My go to skincare ritual is a daily Abhyanga massage, or full body massage with warm oil. After each bath or shower, before I put on my body cream, I always cover my skin (and hair) with a nutrient rich oil. I feel most confident and sexiest when I am hydrated. It’s as if my skin is glass and my soul is the mirror.

What beauty products are always in your purse?

The beauty products that are always in my purse are, SpaRitual Moisture Balm and Hand Salve. Again…hydration is clearly a theme for me (lol).

Are there any beauty rules you live by?

Smiling is another word for glowing.

From who or where do you find beauty and wellness inspiration?

I find beauty and wellness inspiration from nature to be quite honest. I love looking at ducks and geese. (I bet you didn’t see that answer coming). These animals spend the entire day adjusting themselves to a comfortable position, and when they find it they become still. Stillness is wellness. So is being active. We as humans are still trying to figure out the secrets the natural world knows to be true. That trust of knowledge without calling it by name is my inspiration.

What’s your fitness routine like? Is dance still a big part of your life? What’s your favorite way to stay active?

Dance is what keeps me going on a daily basis. I train weekly with Karen Arceneaux who has been my dance teacher for 11 years at Alvin Ailey in NYC. We combine different dance techniques to create my workouts and I’ve never had more fun staying in shape. My favorite is when we combine Zumba and strength training. She’s @getkarenated.

What little things bring you joy each day?

Ah, how much time do you have? I find joy in A LOT of things. I love putting on new age music and laying down for an hour while I get lost in scrumptious thoughts. I also find so much joy in watching the clouds move, and the sun peak through. Going to the store and making eye contact with the cashier and sharing a “thank you, you’re welcome” moment. The list can go on forever. I believe there is joy in everything, it just depends on how you look at it.

If you had an entire day to yourself—no responsibilities or commitments–how would you spend it?

If I had an entire day to myself, I would sit in the sun. I’d wake up, make breakfast, and go and sit in the sun for the entire day (wearing sunblock of course) and then have a lovely dinner and watch the stars before I go to bed. I love letting the day move me when I have free time, vs the other way around.

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